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Redemption draws its meaning from a parallel of the marketplace concept “to buy back” and thus describes the specific means by which salvation may be gained.  This course will help you to join Christ in His death and rise with Him in the power of His Resurrection Glory.

Satan Exposed
Who Is Satan?  Does he have any power?  What is his mission here on earth?  We all have questions where Satan is concerned. In the hour we live in, every Christian needs to be aware of who Satan is and how he operates. Revelation and insight into these and other questions about Satan will be covered in this course.

Is It Spring Yet?
Have you ever wondered why things change overnight?  One moment everything is coming up roses and the next moment all you feel are thorns.  It may seem as though the icy chill of winter has given you frost bite and now you eagerly await the return of spring.  This course will bring understanding to the questions that plaque your mind regarding this.

How to Study the Bible
This course is a practical study tool to help each individual effectively study the Word of God.  Simply reading the Word does not give you the tools needed to live victoriously.  We must know how to dig and gain understanding from this instruction book written by the hand of God.

Prayer and Fasting
A study of the five different aspects of communication we have available to us in reaching out to our creator.  Jesus placed prayer at the heart of Christian living.  The result is blessing and fruitfulness in your life and in others.  Fasting is a means of causing the flesh to surrender to the Spirit.  We must understand and practice both prayer and fasting in order to become the men and women that God intends.

Spiritual Warfare

If Jesus died on the cross and Satan was defeated, what’s left for us to do as Christians?  Plenty!!  Learn how to take what belongs to you and stand your ground.  Take back what the enemy has stolen.  Learn how to live a victorious life with “spiritual weapons that are not carnal”.

Praise & Worship
The Word says, “I seek a people who worship Me in spirit and in truth.”  Many of us have preconceived ideas of what praise and worship to God are.  But if we are truly open to what the Word says, then we will discover that worship is not just fast songs and dancing (often referred to as praise) and slow songs with our hands lifted (usually deemed worship). But rather, praise and worship to God is a lifestyle that stems from an attitude of the heart.  By surrendering to Him, in true Praise and Worship, we will experience a closer relationship with our father.

Hearing God’s Heart
How do we know what the Will of God is in any given situation?  How can we understand our purpose on this earth?  God’s desire is for each of His children to know Him and to hear His heart.  How can we do that?  Intimacy with the Father!

If you’ve ever witnessed a birth, you’ve experienced the awe and wonder of the newborns entrance into the world.  What emotion!  What joy!  Imagine your heavenly Father’s joy at the birth of the Church.  This course will take you on a journey of how the descent of the Holy Spirit brought about the birth of the New Testament Church.

Even As Your Soul Prospers
Have you ever wondered why you seem to give and give, but you don't seem to reach the prosperity promised? If the Word says that God has given us the power to get wealth, then why aren't we walking in that promise consistently? In this class we will find the missing keys to these questions. We will discover that the key ingredient is that we will prosper, even as our soul prospers. 

For our soul to prosper, we must get our focus adjusted from God's hands to His face. When we seek His face, only then can we truly prosper in all that He has for us. 

Order I & II
God is the creator of order, harmony, and balance.  Structure of God’s kingdom is essential if we are to achieve His highest.  When the church operates out of order, the flesh, not the spirit, is in control.  God’s methodical structure for all truth emanates and flourishes from His divine order.  Anything chaotic or out of order cannot co-exist with truth and order.  For this is God’s divine nature.

The Person of the Holy Spirit I & II
The most misunderstood of the God-Head; Holy Spirit is a person, sent by God to live within us to be our help, comforter, teacher, conscience, guide…  How can we receive all that God has for us?  By understanding the Holy Spirit and what His role is in our daily walk with God.  We cannot fully understand God without fully understanding Holy Spirit; after all He is 1/3 of the Triune Godhead.

Everyone knows that it takes money to live.  There are specific guidelines in the Word of God that teach believers how to prosper.  The tithe, first fruits, and offerings are all important parts of living in the flow of God’s order of finances.  While the gospel is truly free, it takes finances to fund the vehicles through which it flows.  Learn how to let God be the Lord of your finances.

The Kingdom of God
Do you actually know what you are praying when you pray “thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”?  We need to understand what it means for God to rule and reign in our life.  Jesus painted the way for each of His redeemed to discover kingdom principles by which God’s power may flow in daily life.

Know Your Ministry I & II
Where do I belong?  What is my purpose?  Have you ever asked yourself these questions?  Every believer needs to understand how to identify their proper position in God’s Kingdom.  This course will explain the Foundational (Motivational) Gifts of the Father, The Five Fold Ministry Gifts of the Son, and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  It also covers the Fruit of the Spirit and personality giftings.  All of these things determine your place in the Body of Christ.  It is when each one discovers their place and operates there, that the Body of Christ will rise up in strength and power.

Submission to Authority 
This will be an intensive study into the authority that God has set in order in the church and in the home. Without order, there is complete chaos because there are no operating boundaries. When the proper order is established, then we all flow in the peace and harmony that God has intended.

Principles of Faith
“Without faith, it is impossible to please God” (Hebrews 11:6a). What is faith? Where does it come from? How can we walk in faith? This class will explore these and many more exciting aspects of faith.

The Bait of Satan
What is the #1 tool that Satan uses to keep Christians from fulfilling their purpose?  This course exposes one of the most deceptive snares Satan uses to get believers out of the will of God.  Come learn how to be set free from this trap and to gain victory over the enemy.

Spirit, Soul, & Body
This class explains how the Spirit, Soul, & Body either work together or against each other.  It also enables us to see why we act or react in certain situations and what we can do to bring all three, the Spirit, the Soul, and the Body into alignment with the Godhead.

Spiritual Etiquette
God expects everything to be done decently and in order.  We can follow the flow of Holy Spirit without causing confusion in the church.  We must recognize that Holy Spirit moves to edify the Church body, not to cause a disturbance.  If the Church body would operate in unity, assembled one to another as God has chosen then we would operate in victory and not defeat.

The Power of the Tongue
As Christians, we often fall short of walking in the Power and Authority that was bought and paid for by Jesus at Calvary.  We know that John 10:10 says that “the thief does not come except to steal, kill and to destroy” but in part (B) Jesus says, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”  We do not have to live defeated lives.  Proverbs 18:21 says that “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue”.  How do these two verses relate?  We have a part to play in living life more abundantly and it has all to do with the tongue.

Dreams & Visions I & II
Are Dreams and Visions still pertinent today?  The Word says that in the last days “Your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams”.  God speaks prophetically to His people through dreams and visions.  If we don’t understand them, we can’t understand the will of God for our lives and ministries.

From Called To Chosen I & II
Matthew 20:16b says that “Many are called but few are chosen”.  Why?  This course will help you understand why all are not chosen by God.  You can learn how to handle adversity, maintain integrity, and how to wait for God’s proper timing for being called out (chosen).  Do you want to be chosen?

The Blood Covenant I & II
This two-part course is designed to help each person understand the sacredness of covenant.  Covenant is not something to be taken lightly.  Our entire relationship with God the Father is based on Covenant relationship.  There is a thread of truth that spans the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation and it all has to do with Covenant.  Find out what exactly is covenant and how it affects you?

The Christian Lifestyle
This course is designed to give insight on what God expects of us in our everyday life.  We can be in this world while not being of this world.  How can Christians be holy and set apart while at the same time winning the lost?  We must know how to accomplish the “goal” that is set before us and attain “the upward call of God”.

Bruises of Satan
The enemy has purposed from the time of his fall from heaven to destroy man. His attacks are subtle and most often start when we are children. The most harmful of his ‘bruises’ is rejection. Most everyone has suffered from rejection at some time in their life. This is only one of the many plots of Satan to destroy you that we will uncover in this study.

Are you already married, engaged, or planning to get married in the future?  Then this class is for you.  What does the Bible say about marriage?  We all need to know in order to have strong, solid marriage relationships.  Satan’s first line of fire is aimed at families.  He doesn’t want families to stay together so he tries his best to destroy our marriages.  Once the sanctity of marriage has been broken, he has an open door to destroy each family member, one at a time.  Come discover God’s will for your marriage so you can defeat the enemy when he comes knocking!

Nutrition & Exercise
You may be asking yourself " Why does a Bible school have a class on nutrition and fitness?". Did you know that the Bible states that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit? What is the condition of your "temple". Is it weak, rundown, tired, and surviving on junk food? Is it a chore to get out of bed in the morning? Could it be that satan has designed an all-out attack on the body of Christ by keeping us in such a state that we won't be able to do what God has called us to do in these last days? Come and see what the Bible has to say on this subject and get some healthy tips for everyday living. Take back your health and rebuild the temple for the Holy Spirit.