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                            "Holy Spirit Made Me Do It:  A Christian's Guide to Spiritual Etiquette"  By Laurie L Webb -
Holy Spirit Made Me Do It front cover

     Do you know many christians have dismissed and misused the gifts of the Spirit simply because of a lack of    
     understanding of their purpose and function?  Many christian leaders fail to or refuse to teach on this important gift to           the Body of Christ simply because of misconceptions about their function.  There has been those who have misused the
     gifts and have created widespread fear of these spiritual gifts.  There are also those who have dismissed the gifts and          have factored Holy Spirit right out of the christian experience.  Holy Spirit gave these gifts to empower the body of              Christ so we can fulfill the Great Commission.  Without them, the church has become weak and ineffective in reaching    
     the lost.  "Holy Spirit Made Me Do It" has an in depth discussion of who Holy Spirit is, what He came to do, and the proper etiquette for operating in His gifts.  Within these pages are many nuggets of truth, spanning from unity in the body to submission to authority: all areas factoring into the ability of the believer to properly operate in Spiritual Etiquette.  If you are confused about who Holy Spirit is, what the gifts of the Spirit are for, or simply are not sure if they still exist, this is the book for you.  Laurie has managed to draw from many years of experience to simplify this subject.  This is a must read for every believer who desires to see the body of Christ strong and effective in evangelizing the world.  To read a sample chapter,click here.
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